Best Tool for Digging in Rocky Soil – A Guide to Easy and Convenient Digging

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

This blog post looks at the Best Tool for Digging in Rocky Soil. To give you the best option depending on your needs, we looked at various tools to help you choose the one that works for you. This article looks at soil pocket tools, soil diggers, rototillers, trenching tools, and other tools for digging in rocky soil.

Rocky soil tends to be hard to dig through, therefore, you need a tool that will easily loosen it up like butter. In that respect, we have information about the best tools for rocky soil and ways to use them. 

Simple tools for digging in rocky soil or other hard-to-reach areas are available to you at your local garden and home centers and online. They provide you with secure ways to safely dig into any type of soil or rocks without being injured. Have a look at the information below before you start digging, as it will make the task a lot simpler.

What To Consider When Buying Tools To Dig Rocky Soil?

If you are in the process of searching for the best tool for digging up rocky soil, then there are a few things you should consider. Your tool of choice will make all the difference in the world between a great job and a poor-quality job.

If you have a look in your local garden center, you will find hammers, shovels, pickaxes, spades, digging forks, and more to get the job done. However, is one of them the best tool for digging in rocky soil?

Tools that are made specifically for rocky soil tend to be much more durable than other tools. This is important to know as the job at hand of digging up rocky soil needs sturdy tools. Also, be sure you are comfortable with how your tool works before spending too much money on it.

If you are opting to buy the tool online, make sure to check out Amazon’s customer reviews. The reviews will give you a good idea of the quality, durability, and performance of the tool you’re getting. Remember to choose the best tool for digging in rocky soil, and don’t forget to add a bucket to collect those rocks.

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What is The Best Tool For Digging in Rocky Soil?

The best tool for digging in rocky soil is a pickaxe! A pickaxe is an indispensable tool for anyone who does construction work. You can find a great variety of different picks in a hardware store.

When picking out a pickaxe, be sure to choose a model with a longer shaft and a wider head to easily dig into the rocky soil. Also, look for one that has a metal shaft with a wooden head. It’s cheap, easily available, and doesn’t require electricity. 

The key to digging effectively in rocky soil is to dig to the right depth and angle. This is a skill that can be developed over time with a pickaxe. Alternatively, you can also use a backhoe or shovel. The shovel is just as good as the backhoe. Also, you want to use a shovel that has a wide blade that can take on a lot of force.

A smaller shovel is not going to be able to hold up under heavy loads like a backhoe. To properly dig a hole, you must drive the tip into the soil and allow the weight of the shovel to penetrate the ground. For safety reasons, make sure to hold the shovel steadily. Here is a simple video on how to dig holes in rocky soil. 

What Other Tools Can Be Used To Dig Up Rocky Soil?

If you’ve never tried digging up rocky soil before, it can be pretty tedious. However, other tools can be used to make the task easier. Aside from the best tool for digging in rocky soil that is mentioned above, I use a tractor with a rock plow attachment.

This plow allows me to scoop up a whole bunch of rocks at once. In addition to the tractor and plow, you can also rent a digger. I understand that not everyone has access to these hefty tools, but they are options that you can go for if there are available to you.

Listed below are other tools that can be used to dig up rocky soil:

– A mattock

– A wheelbarrow with a metal blade attached to the front

– A spade

– An excavator

– A rock splitter

– A bulldozer

– A drill press

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using a Pickaxe For Rocky Soil?

Using a pickaxe to dig into rocky soil makes the job easier. It gives access to hard-to-reach areas to allow the contractor to get to the area that he needs to work on. However, although there are several advantages to using a pickaxe which is the best tool for digging in rocky soil, there are a few disadvantages that we thought you should know about.

Listed below are the pros and cons of using a pickaxe for rocky soil:


  • A pickaxe can be used to remove rocks, dirt, and other debris from areas that would normally be difficult to access.
  • A pickaxe is also a great tool to loosen a stubborn root, loosen rock, or just break up the soil to make room for new plants.
  • It is more productive, especially if you’re looking to break up a large surface area.
  • If you’re digging a hole bigger than 20cm, a pickaxe will get the job done easily.
  • A pickaxe is durable and versatile and can also be used to break up concrete.
  • A pickaxe makes digging and hauling hardened soil easy.


  • If you are going to use a pickaxe to break up rocks, you have to make sure that it’s sharp.
  • A pickaxe should be used with caution to prevent injury.
  • Make sure that the handle of your pickaxe is secure before use.
 What tool is used to dig holes


When it comes to construction, different materials are used depending on the type of work being done. In some cases, a tool can be quite dangerous and cause injury to people or damage to property if not properly used or maintained.

A pickaxe is used in mining operations as well as in building demolition and construction projects. It is a long handles tool that is typically attached to an ax blade. However, although it is the best tool for digging in rocky soil, it should be used with caution.

The handle allows a user to use the pickaxe as a lever to dig into hard surfaces. There are several types of pickaxes available on the market. The most common is the flat shovel-shaped pickaxe. Another variation is a long-shanked pickaxe. These tend to be heavier than shovel-shaped picks but have better leverage and digging ability.

Pickaxe blades vary in size and shape depending on the type and make. For example, a shovel-shaped pickaxe may have a longer, more narrow blade compared to long-shanked picks, which may have a broader and shorter blade. Picks can also be made with heads of steel or wood. Here is a link that tells you all about garden tools and their uses. 


How do you dig holes in rocky soil?

You can use a pickaxe or a shovel to dig holes in rocky soil.

What tool should you use for deep digging in hard soil?

For deep digging in hard soil, you should use a pickaxe.

What tool is used to dig holes?

Rock drills are used to dig holes in the soil, and for the foundations of houses and other buildings.

Can you use an auger in rocky soil?

Yes, in some cases you can, however, you may want to try a smaller auger that is made for loose rocky soil.

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