The best soil for lavender in pots

What is the best soil for lavender in pots? Lavender, or what we often call lavender is a plant that does not like to be spoiled. Let’s have a look at how we can make this plant thrive!! What is Lavender? Lavender generally refers to Lavandula angustifolia – this is the most commonly cultivated species of … Read more

Best Soil For Ponytail Palm – A Gardeners Guide To Evergreen Plants

Best Soil For Ponytail Palm

This article has all the information you need about the Best Soil for Ponytail Palm plants. Let me introduce Beaucarnea Recurvata the Ponytail Palm also known as elephant foot. It is a species that belongs to the asparagus family and is eye-catching. Firstly, this plant is not a palm as the trunk just resembles that … Read more