The Best Potting Soil For Pothos – A Guide To Growing Evergreen Vines

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

So, you want to know what is the Best Potting Soil for Pothos to maintain a thriving garden. Along with all the other elements required for your plant to flourish, using the proper soil is crucial for the health of pothos plants. Numerous houseplant soil mixtures contain both inert substances and organic substances that give pothos plants the nutrients they require.

Keep in mind that whatever the soil’s makeup, it ought to have the ideal combination of drainage and water storage. Aside from that, the soil must be efficient in properly cycling the nutrients and have adequate aeration. This is because pothos plants thrive in well-drained soil with these properties.

Many indoor plants get root rot because of compacted soil or insufficient air spaces that keep the roots of the plant too damp. Pothos is a potted plant with vivid colors and heart-shaped leaves that is simple to maintain. Let’s take a look at the information below to find out more about these extraordinary plants.

Pothos Soil Mix Recipe – Best Potting Soil For Pothos

Firstly, it is essential to use the best potting soil for pothos if you want your plant to grow its best. This is because just like all vegetation, these plants also have specific needs when it comes to soil type. Although they are quite hardy, it is recommended that a good soil mix recipe is used especially when growing them in pots.

You will find that it’s quite easy to develop a pothos potting mixture that drains well and promotes optimum airflow. Also, soil that is slightly acidic is ideal for these plants. Here’s an easy pothos soil mix recipe that will help your plant flourish.

What You Will Need For This Recipe

  • Four parts peat moss (Alternatively, coco coir can also be used as a replacement)
  • One part sand – To avoid compaction
  • One part chopped bark – for good drainage
  • One part perlite or vermiculite – for aeration

Alternatively, you could opt for a readymade potting mix from your neighborhood garden center. Also, many potting mixtures lack soil, making them sterile. This is beneficial to plants as it prevents fungi and pests from entering your plant.

However, although soilless mixtures are commonly used, they don’t give the soil any organic nutrients. Therefore, they would have to be amended according to your plant’s demands. 

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When Should I Repot My Pothos

There are other care and maintenance key factors that you should consider when growing these plants. One of which is knowing when to repot them. The active growing season for these plants is during the spring and summer times.

These are the ideal times of year to repot your pothos. During this time, your plant will be at its healthiest and best able to recuperate from the stress of being disturbed and relocated. Follow the steps below to successfully transfer your plant into its new pot.

Step By Step – Best Potting Soil For Pothos

1. Before you remove the pothos from the old pot, you should have a new bigger pot ready. This will allow for better growth for your plant.
2. Ensure that you are careful with the vines when repotting your pothos for a clean and neat transfer that doesn’t harm your plant.
3. Next, take the pothos out of the container. Be careful not to pull on the plant as this could harm the stems and roots.
4. Thereafter, to establish a barrier between the roots and the new pot’s bottom, add one or two inches of dirt before positioning the plant.
5. Now, position the pothos upright in the center of the pot.
6. Fill the rest of the pot with soil to properly cover the plant roots. Remember to leave at least a two-inch gap at the top of the pot for watering purposes.
7. To allow the roots freedom to breathe be careful not to compact the soil.
8. After repotting, you should water your plant thoroughly.

Philodendron Imperial Houseplant Potting Soil Mix by rePotme

Best Potting Soil For Pothos

What Soil To Use For Pothos

If you had to go to your local nursery, you will find that there are many different types of soil mixes readily available for pothos plants. However, when it comes to the best soil for pothos, we have found that a combination of the ingredients listed below aids these beautiful plants in reaching their full potential. It results in organic soil that is nutrient-rich and beneficial for your plant’s health.

However, because these plants dislike being submerged in water, it is vital to ensure that their containers include drainage holes. This requirement is to avoid root rot.
Ultimately, it is up to you to choose to make your own soil mix or purchase soil that has already been blended.

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Here Is Our Recommendation – Best Potting Soil For Pothos

Firstly, for effective drainage and sufficient nutrition, you will need a well-balanced mixture of materials.
Peat moss – is a partially decomposed soil layer that is very good at retaining water and oxygen.
Vermiculite – is a type of hydrated mineral that is used to aerate the soil and absorb nutrients and water effectively.
Perlite – is a naturally occurring mineral that quickly absorbs water and enhances air spaces.
Sand – used to create additional air pockets and drainage
Coco Coir – is an organic material that improves the soil’s capacity for absorption, water retention, and drainage and is commonly substituted for peat moss.
Shredded Bark – is excellent in creating air pockets and good drainage
Compost – enriches the soil with nutrients that your plant needs.

It is essential to keep in mind that pothos cultivars, including those with variegated leaves, prefer soil that has a pH between 5.0 and 6.5.

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a fantastic natural supply of nutrients that should be used together with the potting soil for pothos. It has important macronutrients and micronutrients. These are essential in boosting humic substances, lowering soil temperature, and improving the overall soil structure.

Pothos responds quite well to compost tea, which is produced from coffee grounds and aids in maintaining the soil’s pH equilibrium. Seeing that these plants prefer a pH between 5.0 and 6,5, you would be glad to know that the acidity of the soil is increased by coffee grounds. However, if the soil mixture already has an excessive amount of acidity, it could harm your plant. For this reason, soil testing is recommended before adding coffee grounds.

Do Pothos Like Coffee Grounds

Quick Method To Test The Soil By Yourself

– To start, take a handful of soil as a sample.
– Thereafter, put the soil in a container.
– You will then need to mix a 1/2 cup of water and the same amount of baking soda.
– Add the mixture to the soil.
– It is a clear indication that your soil is acidic if the combination bubbles or fizzles. If not, you soil is probably neutral or alkaline.

Remember, that pothos plants thrive in soil that is acidic and coffee grinds have a lot of advantages that will promote your plant’s growth in that respect. Compost tea also serves as a great fertilizer for this type of plant. Also, coffee grounds can be consumed by microorganisms in the soil much easier than other compostable materials.

Conclusion – Best Potting Soil For Pothos

No matter if you use pre-made potting soil or make your own, it needs to drain effectively and provide space for your pothos roots to breathe. With that said, you should still remember that for your plant to stay happy and healthy, the best potting soil will help them maintain their stance.

These stunning houseplants come in many different varieties that can be purchased from your local garden center or online. In humid conditions, pothos plants develop quickly with the proper care and maintenance.

The information in this blog post will help you in growing healthy plants at home. We hope that you take heed of the information provided and ensure that your plant is growing in nutrient-rich soil with excellent drainage properties.