The Best Soil Mix For Peace Lily – An Informative Guide To Thriving Houseplants

Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Do you want to know what is the Best Soil Mix for Peace Lily plants? If so, then the information in this blog post would be of great benefit to you. Knowing what soil works best for your plants is important if you are aiming for a thriving garden.

Peace Lily plants are best grown indoors as they display eye-catching white blooms that enhance any setting. They belong to the Araceae family and are amongst the foliage plants that bloom even in poor light conditions. They are easy to grow and maintain and are therefore a sought-after houseplant.

Although they are known to purify the air of their surroundings, you must keep in mind that they are toxic when ingested. Therefore, caution is required around pets and children as it can cause a burning effect if consumed. Have a look belong to find out more about these attractive indoor plants.

Getting To Know Your Peace Lilly Plant

Did you know that Peace lilies are native to Colombia and Venezuela? These rainforest plants grow well with both low and high sunlight exposure as they are quite hardy. Their natural habitat includes humid conditions with an abundance of rainfall.

Peace lily plants can be easily identified by their appearance. They have large leaves that grow skyward and distinct white flowers that have two parts. These are known as the spadix, which appears at the center displaying a rod-like shape, and the spathe which looks like a flowery leaf around it.

Additionally, you would be surprised to know that there are more than 40 species of this magnificent plant in tropical regions that include South and Central America. There are also many hybrid cultivars that have been selectively bred. These include the Allison, Domino, Jetty, Sensation, and Little Angel Peace Lilies amongst other popular cultivars. 

 Can I use cactus soil for peace lily?

Best Soil Mix For Peace Lilly

To maintain the appearance and health of any plant, ensuring that they grow in the best environment is essential. Just like most plants, peace lilies also have their preferences which are evident by the way they grow.

When it comes to soil mixes, there are a variety of different types to choose from. These are also easily available at local nurseries and garden centers. A well-drained potting mix that is rich in nutrients is perfect for growing peace lilies.

Therefore, a blend of loam, peat moss, coir, and perlite would have a great texture for these plants. It is an aerated soil mix that has excellent drainage properties to avoid root rot and keep your plant healthy. Keep in mind that these plants should also be fertilized every second month. A balanced liquid fertilizer for houseplants is recommended.

Peace Lilly Problems And Solutions

These plants are easy to grow and care for but they can run into problems when it comes to infestations and funguses. Because of this, the growth of your plant can also be flawed. Listed below are a few peace lily problems and solutions that you should take note of.

1. Pests and Diseases

– Pests and diseases that affect peace lily plants can become very problematic if not promptly dealt with. These plants are prone to insect infestations that include mealybugs, spider mites, fungus gnats, and scales. In this instance, repoting and spraying your plant with natural insecticide is recommended

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2. Root and Stem Diseases

– Root and stem diseases in peace lily plants are common if they are not grown in the correct soil or overwatered. Although it is not easy to rid of the problem, it is possible. Washing the roots, pruning, and repotting your plant in soil with good drainage properties is best in this case.

3. Stunted Plant Growth

– If your plant’s growth becomes stunted, this is usually an indication of a magnesium deficiency, insufficient sunlight, or overfertilization. This can cause the leaves of your peace lilies to turn yellow or brown. To get rid of the problem ensure that your plant is growing in magnesium-rich soil and gets at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Fertilizer is recommended if magnesium availability is low but remember that too much can worsen the problem.

Peace Lilly Plant Care Tips And Advantages

To have a thriving garden, plant care and maintenance are vital. Meeting the demands of your garden plants will afford you a lush landscape. Therefore, it is essential that you use the best soil mix when growing these plants. Listed below are a few care tips that will aid you in keeping your plants healthy and happy all year through.


  • Ensure that your plant gets at least six hours of filtered sunlight daily.
  • Soil that is rich in magnesium and well-draining is essential if your want to avoid pests and diseases.
  • Over-fertilizing your plant can cause problems. A 6 to 8-week fertilization schedule would work best.
  • To ensure that your plants reach their full height and spread, pruning is recommended. This procedure will encourage growth and ward off diseases and pests.
  • Peace lily plants can also grow well in water and are often grown as ornamental plants in freshwater fish tanks.
  • Consistent care will afford you beautiful blooms at least once a year. Peace lily flowers are also long-lasting.

Watch this short video for more peace lily care tips. 


Now that you have all the information you need, you can look forward to a thriving garden. Keep in mind that making use of the best soil mix for peace lily plants will ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need. To avoid and get rid of plant problems, take heed of the solutions and prevention methods mentioned above.

Peace lilies are not demanding plants when it comes to care and maintenance. As long as they are growing in the correct environment, get sufficient light, and are watered and fertilized according to schedule, they will stay healthy.

Also, take your region into consideration when growing these plants. Seeing that they thrive in humid conditions, protecting them against harsh winters is vital. With the right care, you will witness the ice-white flowers of your peace lilies transform into pale green blooms as time goes by. Here’s a link with more information on peace lily plants. 

 Do peace lilies need big pots?


Can I use cactus soil for peace lily?

Yes, you can use cactus soil for peace lily plants. This is because the soil is aerated and has excellent drainage properties.

Do peace lilies need perlite?

Yes, peace lilies need perlite if they are grown in soil. Perlite helps with drainage which is what your plant needs to avoid root rot and other diseases.

What should I repot my peace lily in?

You should repot your peace lily in soil that is magnesium-rich with good drainage. This will help your plant stay healthy and happy and grow its best.

Do peace lilies need big pots?

Yes, peace lilies need big pots because they can reach a height and width of up to 6 feet.

Do peace lilies like to be misted?

Yes, peace lilies like to be misted, especially during the hot summer months.