The Best Trees For Wet Soil – A Guide To A Thriving Garden In Soggy Conditions

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered what are the Best Trees for Wet Soil? If you live in a region that experiences severe storms, hurricanes, and flooding, then the information in this article would be of great benefit if you want to add to your garden plants. This is because if your yard has poor drainage, you need water-loving trees.

However, certain tree species are more tolerant than others at withstanding the impact of a storm and its aftereffects like soil deposition and rushing streams. Some trees that are grown close to water may perish unless you make the right choices. Learning how to select ones that will not only survive in wet, swampy areas but also help improve inadequate drainage will afford you a thriving garden.

If you are wondering why your plants are dying in an area with a lot of moisture, you should know that some of them simply cannot breathe in rainy conditions. The majority of tree roots require just as much air as water while others have the capacity to establish roots devoid of oxygen. This quality can be used by homeowners to improve their own damp and poorly drained areas by selecting the right plants. Learn more with the information below before you start planting.

Trees That Like Wet Soil

Trees that grow in wet soil are a terrific method to help your yard absorb extra water. In order to thrive, some of them need a lot of water, especially in dry locations. If you plan to grow trees in moist places, be careful. Most trees that grow in moist soil have pretty long roots. However, make sure the one you choose for your garden doesn’t have destructive roots that will damage other vegetation in its vicinity.

Growing plants and trees can be difficult if you live near a creek that frequently floods or have a yard with inadequate drainage. The majority of root systems do not adapt well to growth in these conditions because the ground is soft and damp from standing water. However, certain trees are the greatest for moist places and thrive in mucky soil. Even though growing them in a yard with moist ground can be difficult, it is not impossible.

 evergreen trees that like wet soil

This is because of the trees that like wet soil. It’s important to understand your plant’s requirements because trying to grow them in arid climates is just as harmful as trying to grow a drought-tolerant tree in a flood zone. In addition to tolerating having wet feet, the black tupelo, river birch, bald cypress, weeping willow, red maple, and hackberry are a few notable mentions that flourish in flooded environments. These are amongst the best trees for wet soil that are widely grown in swampy areas.

Fruit Trees that Like Wet Soil

In soils that are too damp for an extended length of time, the majority of fruit trees will struggle or even perish. The open areas that typically store air or oxygen are useless when the soil contains an excessive amount of water. Fruit trees can suffocate because the roots in this soggy environment are unable to absorb the oxygen they require to survive.

Additionally, certain ones are more prone than others to developing crown or root rot. Even briefly moist feet can do substantial harm to these plants. Therefore, it is essential to know what you’re planting so that you can choose the best trees for wet soil if you live in a waterlogged region. Keep in mind that stone fruit, including cherries, plums, and peaches, are very susceptible to moisture.

For this reason, they can experience a variety of rot and fungal disease issues if planted in these conditions. Shallow-rooted ones, such as dwarf fruit trees, can also suffer in moist soils. However, all is not lost if your garden is waterlogged. This is because there are a few fruit tree varieties that thrive in them.

These include the Chinese pear tree, Fuji apple tree, gala citrus tree, mango tree, and cherry tree amongst others are ideal for soggy ground. Watch this video here for additional information about plants for soggy conditions. 

Evergreen Trees that Like Wet Soil

For the majority of evergreens, wet soil is their death knell. The Atlantic white cedar, a tall false cypress that grows naturally in moist regions close to stream banks, is one such species. Its narrow, upright habit is endemic to the mid-Atlantic region, and its somewhat bluish-green tint makes it look like an upright juniper. This species can reach heights of up to 40 feet and a width of about 15 feet or so.

Here Are A Few Tips To Take Heed Of When It Comes To The Best Trees For Wet Soil:

1. Both black spruce and balsam fir also survive moist soil reasonably well. However, they do have their downsides as neither one is fond of the summer heat.

2. . Although the American holly and common arborvitae can survive in moist soil to an extent, consistently mushy growing environments are not recommended for these evergreen trees.

3. Although they resemble what most people refer to as evergreens, the dawn redwood, American larch, and bald cypress can all flourish in wet soil. However, they are actually conifers that shed their needles in the fall.

4. Your best option, if it’s possible, is to see whether you can plant higher up on dry land. You might be able to avoid the brunt of the rain by moving slightly up the hill and making room for species like spruce, fir, and Douglas fir that can withstand less damp conditions.

5. Another costly approach is to add soil to build a berm. You would be able to plant with the root balls above the damp ground if you choose this option. Just be careful not to trap or channel the water that causes new issues if you build a berm.

 fruit trees that like wet soil

Ornamental Trees That Like Wet Soil

Beautiful foliage, eye-catching blossoms, and appealing bark are all produced by ornamental trees, adding interest to your landscape. It can be challenging to locate the right one for that gardening feature if your yard has poor drainage and standing water.

This is because the increased wetness is too much for most plants to handle. Thankfully, a number of attractive tree species can not only survive in damp soils but also thrive there. Here is a list of some of the best trees for wet soil that you could opt for.

Ornamental Trees:

The Tupelo Tree – is well-known for its breathtaking fall foliage. The bark’s reptilian-like look makes it stand out and although it requires about four hours of sun every day, it thrives in slightly moist soil and partial shade.
Weeping Willow trees – are sought after for their resilience and incredible beauty. They are easily recognized by their drooping willowy branches and delicate, greyish-green foliage. These are trees that enjoy getting their feet wet and will actively seek water throughout their lifespan. While they thrive in direct sunlight, they can also withstand little shade as long as they receive at least four hours of light each day.
Pond Cypress – is a deciduous tree that enjoys swampy conditions. Depending on how much moisture they are planted in, they can grow up to 70 feet tall. These trees can be used as a border around a pond because of their quick growth. They flourish in partial sunlight but struggle in heavy shade.
River Birch Tree – is a beautiful and quick-growing and thrives in damp soils. Its distinctive appearance is a result of the soft tones in its bark. Partial shade is no problem for these trees and they also prefer damp roots. It will grow to a height of about 50 feet if grown in the right conditions.

 ornamental trees that like wet soil
Buckwheat Tree – This is a flowering tree that is native to North America and thrives in partial shade and sunlight. Although it is frequently confused with wax myrtle, they are two different plants. This little tree can also be used to create hedges. It is one of the more drought-resistant water-loving plants that actually thrive in moist soil.
Honey Locust Tree – The gorgeous leaves on the thornless honey locust tree are eye-catching. It is an extremely resilient plant that can withstand anything from excessively moist soil to a slight drought. This cultivar is preferred for home gardens and landscapes because the natural species have big thorns. Although it prefers the sun, it may also be grown under some shade.


It’s great to have a list of trees that prefer wet soil and shade because not all plants enjoy full sun or dry soil. The list above should be helpful if the environment you want to grow in fits a swampy description. In contrast to other plants, these trees will flourish in these conditions.

So, if you have a moist and gloomy environment there’s no need to worry as you now have knowledge of the best trees for wet soil. Your landscape will look beautiful with shade trees, whether they are blossoming or traditional. All you have to do is to select the ones that are most suitable for you.

Whether you’re after ornamental varieties, fruit trees, or evergreen, the choices are plenty. If you have already started planting, monitor your garden to see which plants prefer dampness, and do well in constantly wet or poorly drained soil. Discover what type of privacy trees do well in wet soil here