How To Make African Violet Soil Mix 

The African violet is known as the most popular flowering plant in the world. The best thing about this plant is it is not only beautiful but also easy to grow....

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1. You should plant African Violets in partial sun. 2. They do best in well-drained soil. 3. They need plenty of fertilizer.......

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Things To Consider

Make African Violet Soil Mix

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Peat moss is a natural product that comes from decomposing plant material. It absorbs nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, while coco coir is made of coconut fibers....

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They like average lights and well-drained soil.  African violets are perfect for small containers and pots because they don’t need a lot of space.

African Violets In Pots

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The plant can be grown indoors. The plant can be grown indoors. They are fast-growing plants. They need to be fertilized less often than other plants.

The Benefits

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