Does Peat Moss Make The Soil Acidic 

Peat is the end product of decomposing vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and grasses. As these organic matters degrade over time, they form a dark brown substance called peat...

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Peat moss, also called sphagnum moss, has been used for centuries in landscaping and gardening.

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What Is Peat Moss, And How Is It Used?

The Different Types

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There are three different types of peat moss which include Brown, Blue, and White. They differ in their color and texture......

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The answer is yes; peat moss does make the soil acidic. In order to find out the pH level of a specific soil, you would have to test a sample of it....

Does Peat Moss Make The Soil Acidic?

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A peat moss mixture has many different properties that make it suitable for use in various applications, including as a mulch, a soil amendment, a growing medium....

The Advantages

The Disadvantages

Peat moss can become overly acidic, so soil testing is important. Peat moss can release gases when it decomposes. Peat moss can be expensive.

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