Do Junipers Make Soil Acidic - A Guide To The Pros, Cons, And Maintenance Of Acidic Soil

If you have soil with high pH levels, it means that the soil is too wet or not porous enough, which would make it difficult to drain excess moisture....

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Acidic soils are caused by the presence of high amounts of H + ions, a product of decomposition reactions (e.g., fermentation and decay) of organic matter......

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The Cause Of Acidity In Soil

Do Junipers Make Soil Acidic?

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Juniper needles contain an acid called alchymalic acid, which causes the soil to become acidic.....

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Acidic soil can make plants grow faster. There are several plants that thrive in acidic soil. Acidic soil is more absorbent and can hold water....

Advantages Of Acidic Soil

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Certain plants will not grow well in acidic soil.. It is vital you use a pH test kit to determine the soil’s acid and alkaline levels. Acidic soils need proper maintenance.

Disadvantages Of Acidic Soil

The Key To Plant Selection

Make sure the plant can handle the acidity of your soil. Look for plants that have roots that are shallow and long and have a high rate of photosynthesis.....

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