Blue Finch - The North American Bird - An Informative Guide

Blue finches are birds native to the Americas and familiar to many. In fact, it has been the official state bird of North Carolina since 2003.

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Blue Finches love to eat bugs, fruits, and veggies. The best ways to attract the birds to your garden area are with fruit trees and bird feeders......

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Attract Blue Finches

How Do Blue Finch Birds Migrate?

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During migration, the Blue Finch birds fly south in the fall to avoid the cold and return north in the spring when the weather is warmer.....

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Blue Finches have a short breeding season in the north. The first eggs hatch in February, and by early April, the young fledge...

The Breeding Habits

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The survival of the Blue Finch birds in any region is related to the availability of food and nesting opportunities....

Factors That Influence The Survival

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