Best Potting Soil For Monstera Deliciosa - A Guide To Successful Ever-Green Gardening

The best potting soil for monstera delicious (aka Devil’s Trumpet) is one that contains lots of moisture, has a neutral pH, and has lots of organic material.

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Potting soil should be kept moist, so add water as needed. Monstera Deliciosa also likes low to medium temperatures during the day (70°F-80°F).....

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What To Consider Before Buying Potting Soil

Choose The Best Potting Soil

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You want to find a potting mix or soil that will be able to hold water, and give the plant adequate moisture... 

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Give your  plants a little fertilizer in small doses. It’s important to maintain the air circulation around it, so leave it close to an open window daily......

Take Care of Your Plants

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Pros: Potting soil holds moisture well. The soil also helps prevent soil-borne diseases. Potting soil makes the process much easier.... Potting soil is inexpensive.

Advantages Of Using Potting Soil

Disadvantages Of Using Potting Soil

Cons: To prevent root rot, make sure that your potting soil is aerated. Monstera deliciosa needs nutrient-rich potting soil that is amended.....

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