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Strategizing the 2018 tomato crop

It’s time to dream about nutrient-dense, old-time sweet-tart, juicy tomatoes in my 2018 vegetable garden. Garden tomatoes in 2017 were a disappointment. They all tasted good, but the vines were spindly, and the fruits were sparse. In 2016 I froze more than 20 large… Continue Reading “Strategizing the 2018 tomato crop”

Salsa synchronicity; or, where’s the cilantro

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum). Cilantro can be a weed. Look at the lovely cilantro above. It came up volunteer in the tomato row in June. These are the first cilantro leaves, sort of like flat parsley. Later the upper leaves will be more fern-like. Ernest… Continue Reading “Salsa synchronicity; or, where’s the cilantro”

A short history of the 2016 tomato crop

Each year, I try to learn from my experience and incorporate new ideas and strategies into gardening for the new season. Choosing tomato varieties according to your tastes and needs is important. The photo above shows my 2016 choices. From the left, New Girl… Continue Reading “A short history of the 2016 tomato crop”

October cleanup

October cleanup. We had 1 1/2″ of rain the first of October, following 1 1/2″ the last of September. Yesterday, October 27, another 1 1/2″ fell, making 3″ of rain for October. We still have an 8″ rain deficit for the year, according to… Continue Reading “October cleanup”

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa. I no more than noted in Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog that most hot peppers take 20 more days from green to turn red than I found El Jefe jalapeƱos and Cheyenne cayenne chiles turning red on the pepper… Continue Reading “Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa”

Plum tomato mash-up

Plum tomato mashup. The 2 plum tomato varieties this year are both from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I’ve grown both of them in previous years. One of my tomato goals for this year is to decide between them for next year because they are so… Continue Reading “Plum tomato mash-up”

Harvesting tomatoes in August

Harvesting tomatoes in August. The first slicing tomatoes and plum tomatoes were picked on August 12. That’s almost embarrassing. What can be done to move up the tomato harvest to, maybe, July 12. That would be noteworthy. Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes were first picked… Continue Reading “Harvesting tomatoes in August”

Cracked tomatoes

Cracked tomatoes. Cracked tomatoes are a product of erratic watering, just as are tomato leaf curl and blossom end rot. According to the Tomato Dirt website, cracking occurs when tomato plants get too much water too fast. As the tomato fruits absorb extra water… Continue Reading “Cracked tomatoes”

Blossom end rot on tomatoes

Blossom end rot on tomatoes. Blossom end rot is a problem on several speckled Roman tomato plants, as seen in the photo above, which was taken on August 1. Ugly. According to several online sites, the problem is a lack of calcium, which can… Continue Reading “Blossom end rot on tomatoes”

Tomato leaf curl

Tomato leaf curl. A Speckled Roman tomato plant has developed curled leaves, as can be seen in the photo above. According to Ohio State Extension, tomato leaf curl is caused either by herbicide damage or by irregular watering. I’m pretty sure herbicide damage is… Continue Reading “Tomato leaf curl”