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Ugly weeds of summer: prostrate knotweed

Prostrate knotweed (Polygonum aviculare) Prostrate knotweed is a summer annual that grows in hard, compacted soil near footpaths and gate entrances. It emerges early for a summer annual, more than a month before crabgrass, a fellow summer ugly, makes its appearance. New sprouts of prostrate… Continue Reading “Ugly weeds of summer: prostrate knotweed”

Weed report 2016

Weed report for 2016. Lovely photo above of crocus blooming on March 11, when you would think that the garden is weed-free, at least visibly so, but just look in the upper righthand corner. Creeping Charlie. In March. At least it isn’t growing. This… Continue Reading “Weed report 2016”

Weeds of July

Weeds of July. Weeds have their seasons just as trees, flowers, and vegetables do. The smaller, cuter weeds of spring, like chickweed and purple deadnettle, have given way to bigger, uglier varieties, like crabgrass and prostrate knotweed. Even creeping Charlie, always with us, gets… Continue Reading “Weeds of July”

Weeds of June

Weeds of June. Things are looking sinister on the weed front. New weeds, expected and unexpected, are making an appearance. The good news is that most of the weeds described in the post Weeds of May have faded from the scene. Not creeping Charlie, of… Continue Reading “Weeds of June”