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Peppers (Capsicum annuum) In March of 2018, I wrote the post Pepper plans for 2018, bemoaning the fact that my 2017 garden had produced very few red ripe peppers, and I was dreaming of better success in my 2018 garden. Well, as can be… Continue Reading “VEGETABLE GARDEN PLANS FOR 2019: PEPPERS”

Pepper plans for 2018

Pepper plans for 2018. I am dreaming of red ripe peppers in my 2018 vegetable garden. To find photos of red ripe peppers in past summers, I had to go back to the summer of 2015. Please see the post Red ripe peppers and colorful… Continue Reading “Pepper plans for 2018”

Some problems with peppers

Peppers (Capsicum annuum). The good news about peppers is that over the last several seasons I have made progress in identifying sweet and hot pepper varieties that are best for my taste and needs. The bad news is that I haven’t figured out the… Continue Reading “Some problems with peppers”

Salsa synchronicity; or, where’s the cilantro

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum). Cilantro can be a weed. Look at the lovely cilantro above. It came up volunteer in the tomato row in June. These are the first cilantro leaves, sort of like flat parsley. Later the upper leaves will be more fern-like. Ernest… Continue Reading “Salsa synchronicity; or, where’s the cilantro”

Sweet bell peppers, hot chile peppers, and frying peppers

  Big pepper plans for the 2016 vegetable garden. Above can be seen 1 of the 2 trays of peppers (Capsicum annum) planted indoors on April 5. There are 12 varieties. 5 sweet bells, 6 hot chile peppers of varying heat intensity, and 1 frying pepper.… Continue Reading “Sweet bell peppers, hot chile peppers, and frying peppers”

October cleanup

October cleanup. We had 1 1/2″ of rain the first of October, following 1 1/2″ the last of September. Yesterday, October 27, another 1 1/2″ fell, making 3″ of rain for October. We still have an 8″ rain deficit for the year, according to… Continue Reading “October cleanup”

September renewal

September renewal. Since most of my life up to now has been spent observing a school calendar, September still seems like a time to start again, to make new resolutions, to get excited about stuff. So, while I still have the habit of thinking… Continue Reading “September renewal”

Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers

Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers. As I’ve lamented in other posts, only 1 habanero plant survived indoor planting and transplanting out. And it was a scraggly little plant. Last year, not a single habanero plant produced a single pepper fruit. So I’m totally… Continue Reading “Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers”

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa. I no more than noted in Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog that most hot peppers take 20 more days from green to turn red than I found El Jefe jalapeños and Cheyenne cayenne chiles turning red on the pepper… Continue Reading “Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa”

Harvesting peppers in August

Harvesting peppers in August. For the most part, peppers have been a huge success this summer. Last summer all the Havasu peppers turned out to be frying peppers. I’ll never figure that one out. This summer the Havasu plants are so productive I can’t… Continue Reading “Harvesting peppers in August”