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Robins, and holly–and starlings, oh golly

The harbingers of spring. An American robin (Turdus┬ámigratorius) stopped by on February 9, 2018. Perhaps he was a loner. Perhaps he is a member of the small flock of robins I saw recently in the park across the street. He sat in the magnolia… Continue Reading “Robins, and holly–and starlings, oh golly”

Persephone months

Eliot Coleman calls the period of time when days are less than 10 hours long from sunrise to sunset the Persephone months. In his Maine winter garden, this is when vegetables under cover will be available for harvest, although they do not grow. The… Continue Reading “Persephone months”

Female cardinal’s plumage

Northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis). I love cardinals. Male and female northern cardinals above in the snow beneath the feeders. They seem younger than the cardinals I saw last month. I had not realized how long their tails are. Almost as long as the rest… Continue Reading “Female cardinal’s plumage”

Northern cardinals

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis). Cardinalis means important. Cardinals are important to my happiness, that’s for sure. Cardinals coexist with other ground feeders without problem in winter. In the photos above, both a male and a female cardinal are ground feeding with a dark-eyed junco… Continue Reading “Northern cardinals”