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Fruits of June

Fruits of June. June would not be complete without some mention of the fruits in my garden. Blueberries. Strawberries. Raspberries. Pears. None of them produces in huge quantities. That’s OK with me. I love to snack on berries while working in the garden. It’s… Continue Reading “Fruits of June”

June reality check

June reality check. In January, anything was possible in garden dreaming. By June, the stage has been set. The table has been laid. Whatever cliche fits best, the truth is that reality has set in. It’s not all bad. Plants are blooming and growing.… Continue Reading “June reality check”

Onions in June

Onions (Allium cepa). After writing about onions in the posts Onions and Planting Onions, I’ve only complained about the wimpiness of the onions plants through April and May. Now, here on the first day of summer, June 21, there’s reason for celebrating onions. As was mentioned… Continue Reading “Onions in June”

Green pole beans in June

Green pole beans in June. Please see the post Green beans for background and planting information on green pole beans. Growing Fortex green pole beans is like falling off a log. Easy, in other words. 1 raised bed worth of green pole beans is plenty… Continue Reading “Green pole beans in June”

Lettuce in June

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa). I know one thing for sure. Don’t plant old pelleted seed. I’m thinking don’t plant old seed, pelleted or unpelleted. Penny wise and pound foolish, as the saying goes. Bambi, a bibb lettuce, and Nancy, a butterhead lettuce, were planted with… Continue Reading “Lettuce in June”

June spinach, an update

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea). On June 13, I picked the last of the Carmel spinach, as seen above. Good riddance, Carmel spinach. It’s delicious, but it bolts too fast for me. No wonder Johnny’s discontinued it. A few Corvair plants have grown to the eating… Continue Reading “June spinach, an update”

Garlic in June

Hardneck garlic (Allium sativum ssp. ophioscorodon). The garlic, which was planted last fall on Columbus Day, is one of the big success stories of my vegetable garden. See the posts Garlic, Garlic in April, and Vegetable garden in June for the details on planting and growing garlic. The big… Continue Reading “Garlic in June”

Arugula in June

Arugula in June. 3 varieties of arugula were planted the first week of April. They didn’t germinate quickly, but they all grew and, once again, I planted too thick. The varieties planted are wild arugula, standard salad arugula, and wasabi arugula. These photos were… Continue Reading “Arugula in June”

Weeds of June

Weeds of June. Things are looking sinister on the weed front. New weeds, expected and unexpected, are making an appearance. The good news is that most of the weeds described in the post Weeds of May have faded from the scene. Not creeping Charlie, of… Continue Reading “Weeds of June”

Tomatoes in June

Tomatoes in June. Tomatoes were planted out between May 19 and May 23, as I reported in the post Vegetable garden in June. They were covered with bed covers for a week or so in order to transition to the outdoor environment. Now they seem… Continue Reading “Tomatoes in June”