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Vegetable garden in July

Vegetable garden in July. The vegetables are growing by leaps and bounds. Some harvesting is going on. Spring lettuce is tasty. Bunching onions have been harvested and are keeping well in the fridge ready for both salads and sautéing. The first carrots have been… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden in July”

Peppers in July

Peppers (Capsicum annuum). It’s time to make an accounting of sweet and hot peppers in July. The photo above is of the vegetable garden harvest on July 17. Lettuce, also part of the harvest, is not shown but can be found in the post Lettuce… Continue Reading “Peppers in July”

American goldfinch and sunflowers in July

American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis). This is exciting. I was taking photos of peppers when an American goldfinch flew over to a Maximilian sunflower in the old apple tree area and started eating sunflower seeds right off a sunflower. I didn’t dare to move, so… Continue Reading “American goldfinch and sunflowers in July”

Lettuce in July

Lettuce in July. It’s time to celebrate spring lettuce. I think back to March, bitter cold, snow-covered, never-ending March, and how I dreamed about a delicious summer garden salad. Now, we are having garden salad every day. Lettuce, radishes, onions, sugar snap peas, and… Continue Reading “Lettuce in July”

Weeds of July

Weeds of July. Weeds have their seasons just as trees, flowers, and vegetables do. The smaller, cuter weeds of spring, like chickweed and purple deadnettle, have given way to bigger, uglier varieties, like crabgrass and prostrate knotweed. Even creeping Charlie, always with us, gets… Continue Reading “Weeds of July”

Green pole beans in July

Green pole beans in July. My favorite Fortex green pole beans are living up to their reputation. As I wrote in the post Green pole beans in June, I made a decision to thin the beans to 2 plants per pole. Thank heaven I did.… Continue Reading “Green pole beans in July”