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House sparrow patriarchy

Male house sparrows (Passer domesticus) are hierarchical, according to Nicholas Lund on the Audubon.org website. The hierarchy depends on the size of the black patch on the breasts of male house sparrows. Breeding male house sparrows have larger black chest badges than non-breeding males. Other… Continue Reading “House sparrow patriarchy”

September renewal

September renewal. Since most of my life up to now has been spent observing a school calendar, September still seems like a time to start again, to make new resolutions, to get excited about stuff. So, while I still have the habit of thinking… Continue Reading “September renewal”

American goldfinches at nyjer seedbag

American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis). In several previous bird posts, I have been pretty positive that black oil sunflower seed and suet were the only bird foods I needed to keep my feeder birds happy. Then, on an impulse the other day, I bought a… Continue Reading “American goldfinches at nyjer seedbag”

House sparrow

House sparrow (Passer domesticus). According to Birds of New Jersey, the house sparrow, which is not a sparrow but a member of the Weaver Finch family, was introduced from Europe to Central Park in 1850. Must be another one of those situations with Shakespeare lovers. Audubon.org categorizes… Continue Reading “House sparrow”