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American goldfinch: common bird with unique characteristics

American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis). Do you see 3 birds in the photo above? A darker-colored female American goldfinch to the far left isn’t easy to spot. A yellow male goldfinch is center left. I suspect that I saw only this bird as I snapped… Continue Reading “American goldfinch: common bird with unique characteristics”

Persephone months

Eliot Coleman calls the period of time when days are less than 10 hours long from sunrise to sunset the Persephone months. In his Maine winter garden, this is when vegetables under cover will be available for harvest, although they do not grow. The… Continue Reading “Persephone months”

March changes

Look at this. The first week of March. We just had 6″ of snow on top of a foot of ice pack. The temp has been at zero most mornings. We had the third coldest February on record for this area. It seems that… Continue Reading “March changes”

Dark-eyed juncos in March

Dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis). It seems like I’ve been ignoring the birds at the feeders, but the truth is the birds haven’t been coming to the feeders on these really cold, snowy days. No cardinals. No chickadees. No woodpeckers. Nothing but the dark-eyed juncos and… Continue Reading “Dark-eyed juncos in March”

House sparrow

House sparrow (Passer domesticus). According to Birds of New Jersey, the house sparrow, which is not a sparrow but a member of the Weaver Finch family, was introduced from Europe to Central Park in 1850. Must be another one of those situations with Shakespeare lovers. Audubon.org categorizes… Continue Reading “House sparrow”

House finches

House finch (Carpodacus mexicanus). Male house finches have red eyebrows and forehead with a brown cap, according to Kaufman’s Field Guide to Birds of North America. You can see the brown cap on the two fellows above. They also have a red chest with… Continue Reading “House finches”