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Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix gets 5 stars

Last spring, I determined that I didn’t like lettuce mixes and that I would plant only head lettuce varieties, which I did. This spring, in a fit of perversity, I bought a pack of Allstar gourmet lettuce mix from Johnny’s Selected Seeds and started… Continue Reading “Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix gets 5 stars”

October cleanup

October cleanup. We had 1 1/2″ of rain the first of October, following 1 1/2″ the last of September. Yesterday, October 27, another 1 1/2″ fell, making 3″ of rain for October. We still have an 8″ rain deficit for the year, according to… Continue Reading “October cleanup”

Fall garden

Fall garden. In The Winter Harvest Handbook,¬†Eliot Coleman sings his praises of winter gardens, in Maine even. I am inching my way toward a fall garden in central New Jersey. Baby steps. Above is a photo from August 22 of the vegetable garden in… Continue Reading “Fall garden”

Arugula in June

Arugula in June. 3 varieties of arugula were planted the first week of April. They didn’t germinate quickly, but they all grew and, once again, I planted too thick. The varieties planted are wild arugula, standard salad arugula, and wasabi arugula. These photos were… Continue Reading “Arugula in June”

April blooms

April blooms. Here it is the last week of April. What a difference a month makes. As I wrote in the post¬†March changes, I was in despair at the end of March thinking that the freezing temps and snow would never go away. Although… Continue Reading “April blooms”