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Vegetable garden in June

Vegetable garden in June. It’s time for a June accounting of the vegetable garden, seen above in a photo taken June 6. The tomatoes, planted out between May 19 and May 23, were covered with bed covers for a week or so. I took… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden in June”

April blooms

April blooms. Here it is the last week of April. What a difference a month makes. As I wrote in the post┬áMarch changes, I was in despair at the end of March thinking that the freezing temps and snow would never go away. Although… Continue Reading “April blooms”


Peas (Pisum sativum). No photos. Coming soon with the growing season, hopefully. There’s a famous story about Thomas Jefferson’s pea-growing contest with his neighbor at Monticello, George Divers. Everything about Jefferson is famous. The pea-growing contest was this. Whoever had the first peas in… Continue Reading “Peas”