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Vegetable garden plans for 2019: carrots

Carrots (Daucus carota) The 2018 carrot crop was my best ever. But there’s still lots of room for improvement. Following Louise Riotte’s advice in Carrots Love Tomatoes, I planted carrots around the edges of raised beds where tomatoes would be planted in the centers… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden plans for 2019: carrots”

Vegetable garden in June

Vegetable garden in June. It’s time for a June accounting of the vegetable garden, seen above in a photo taken June 6. The tomatoes, planted out between May 19 and May 23, were covered with bed covers for a week or so. I took… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden in June”

April blooms

April blooms. Here it is the last week of April. What a difference a month makes. As I wrote in the post March changes, I was in despair at the end of March thinking that the freezing temps and snow would never go away. Although… Continue Reading “April blooms”

March changes

Look at this. The first week of March. We just had 6″ of snow on top of a foot of ice pack. The temp has been at zero most mornings. We had the third coldest February on record for this area. It seems that… Continue Reading “March changes”


Carrots (Daucus carota). Again, no photos. But hoping for the best as the growing season progresses. As I mentioned in the post Spinach, Michael Pollan, in Second Nature, was not successful in growing carrots until he tried thinking like a carrot. As a carrot, Pollan wanted… Continue Reading “Carrots”