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Peppers (Capsicum annuum) In March of 2018, I wrote the post Pepper plans for 2018, bemoaning the fact that my 2017 garden had produced very few red ripe peppers, and I was dreaming of better success in my 2018 garden. Well, as can be… Continue Reading “VEGETABLE GARDEN PLANS FOR 2019: PEPPERS”

Vegetable garden plans for 2019: carrots

Carrots (Daucus carota) The 2018 carrot crop was my best ever. But there’s still lots of room for improvement. Following Louise Riotte’s advice in Carrots Love Tomatoes, I planted carrots around the edges of raised beds where tomatoes would be planted in the centers… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden plans for 2019: carrots”

Vegetable garden plans for 2019: lettuce

March 15. It’s time to start some lettuce indoors for transplanting out as soon as the ground thaws and the snow disappears. Hopefully. Last year the last big snow storm was in April, so spring weather is always iffy. But lettuce likes cool weather.… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden plans for 2019: lettuce”

Vegetable garden plans for 2019: onions

Onions (Allium cepa) For the first time, in planning my 2019 vegetable garden, I did not order field-grown onion plants from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I’m growing onions exclusively from seeds this year. Onion plants were easier but cost more. Each bunch of 50-60 plants costs… Continue Reading “Vegetable garden plans for 2019: onions”

Pepper plans for 2018

Pepper plans for 2018. I am dreaming of red ripe peppers in my 2018 vegetable garden. To find photos of red ripe peppers in past summers, I had to go back to the summer of 2015. Please see the post¬†Red ripe peppers and colorful… Continue Reading “Pepper plans for 2018”

Strategizing the 2018 tomato crop

It’s time to dream about nutrient-dense, old-time sweet-tart, juicy tomatoes in my 2018 vegetable garden. Garden tomatoes in 2017 were a disappointment. They all tasted good, but the vines were spindly, and the fruits were sparse. In 2016 I froze more than 20 large… Continue Reading “Strategizing the 2018 tomato crop”

Persephone months

Eliot Coleman calls the period of time when days are less than 10 hours long from sunrise to sunset the Persephone months. In his Maine winter garden, this is when vegetables under cover will be available for harvest, although they do not grow. The… Continue Reading “Persephone months”

A new garden plan for Fortex green pole beans

Pole bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Fortex green pole beans have been my favorite green bean for many years now. I’m not inclined to try bush beans (again) or to experiment with new varieties of pole beans. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the… Continue Reading “A new garden plan for Fortex green pole beans”

Butternut squash bounty; also pumpkins

Bugle butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata). In the spring of 2016, I planted Bugle butternut squash seeds from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds.¬†Above is an October 16 photo of the squash patch, which covered the mulched area near the front fence where the old maple… Continue Reading “Butternut squash bounty; also pumpkins”

Black swallowtail caterpillars on dill and fennel

Black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes). A black swallowtail caterpillar was discovered on a dill plant on September 13, as seen above. A black swallowtail caterpillar was discovered on a fennel plant on September 14, as seen above. The dill and fennel plants were about 10… Continue Reading “Black swallowtail caterpillars on dill and fennel”