Month: May 2016

Common blue violets–wildflowers or weeds

Common blue violets (Viola papilionacea) are wildflowers or weeds, depending on your perspective. In the introduction to William Robinson’s The Wild Garden, Expanded Edition, Rick Darke distinguishes wildflowers from weeds by writing that wildflowers are usually perceived as pretty and innocuous. Wildflowers do no harm… Continue Reading “Common blue violets–wildflowers or weeds”

Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix gets 5 stars

Last spring, I determined that I didn’t like lettuce mixes and that I would plant only head lettuce varieties, which I did. This spring, in a fit of perversity, I bought a pack of Allstar gourmet lettuce mix from Johnny’s Selected Seeds and started… Continue Reading “Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix gets 5 stars”

Sweet bell peppers, hot chile peppers, and frying peppers

  Big pepper plans for the 2016 vegetable garden. Above can be seen 1 of the 2 trays of peppers (Capsicum annum) planted indoors on April 5. There are 12 varieties. 5 sweet bells, 6 hot chile peppers of varying heat intensity, and 1 frying pepper.… Continue Reading “Sweet bell peppers, hot chile peppers, and frying peppers”