Month: September 2015

September renewal

September renewal. Since most of my life up to now has been spent observing a school calendar, September still seems like a time to start again, to make new resolutions, to get excited about stuff. So, while I still have the habit of thinking… Continue Reading “September renewal”

Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers

Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers. As I’ve lamented in other posts, only 1 habanero plant survived indoor planting and transplanting out. And it was a scraggly little plant. Last year, not a single habanero plant produced a single pepper fruit. So I’m totally… Continue Reading “Habaneros and other ripe hot peppers”

Monarchs in the garden in September

Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in the garden in September. My summer is complete–with 4 official days of summer left. 2 monarch butterflies visited the garden yesterday. They were mostly interested in the verbena. What a great butterfly plant. What great butterflies. The monarchs are migrants, young… Continue Reading “Monarchs in the garden in September”

Summer squash harvest in September

Summer squash harvest in September. Just to be clear, summer squash were harvested in August too. I just never got around to writing a post in celebration of summer squash. Until now. I don’t plant zucchini these days. They are similar to summer squash,… Continue Reading “Summer squash harvest in September”

Black swallowtail in September

Black swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) nectaring on verbena in September. According to NABA-North New Jersey Butterfly Club website, black swallowtails are black with a prominent line of large yellow spots across both wings as well as smaller submarginal yellow spots. Females have blue spots on hindwing… Continue Reading “Black swallowtail in September”

Trouble in Beanville

Trouble in Beanville. My much loved Fortex green pole beans have rusty leaves caused by a fungus and also skeletonized leaves–leaves that are reduced to a thin brown papery tissue–caused by spider mites. Above are photos of the gruesome devastation. I hate to admit… Continue Reading “Trouble in Beanville”

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa

Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa. I no more than noted in Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog that most hot peppers take 20 more days from green to turn red than I found El Jefe jalapeños and Cheyenne cayenne chiles turning red on the pepper… Continue Reading “Red ripe peppers and colorful salsa”

Fall garden

Fall garden. In The Winter Harvest Handbook, Eliot Coleman sings his praises of winter gardens, in Maine even. I am inching my way toward a fall garden in central New Jersey. Baby steps. Above is a photo from August 22 of the vegetable garden in… Continue Reading “Fall garden”


Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare). What an awesome vegetable. Where has it been all my life. Orion F1 hybrid fennel was seeded directly into the area of the vegetable garden I want to make into an herb garden. The asparagus bed is in that area. Parsley,… Continue Reading “Fennel”

Plum tomato mash-up

Plum tomato mashup. The 2 plum tomato varieties this year are both from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I’ve grown both of them in previous years. One of my tomato goals for this year is to decide between them for next year because they are so… Continue Reading “Plum tomato mash-up”