Month: August 2015

Harvesting onions in August

Harvesting onions in August. Patterson yellow storage onions, Red Zeppelin red storage onions, and Red Marble red cipollini onions were harvested on August 1. That was my first mistake. I started a process of drying the onions that, in retrospect, was too much like… Continue Reading “Harvesting onions in August”

Harvesting peppers in August

Harvesting peppers in August. For the most part, peppers have been a huge success this summer. Last summer all the Havasu peppers turned out to be frying peppers. I’ll never figure that one out. This summer the Havasu plants are so productive I can’t… Continue Reading “Harvesting peppers in August”

August dog days

August dog days. I wish I could say I spent major August time sitting in the shade reading novels. But I didn’t. Various projects imposed themselves upon me, taking me away from the garden and my blog. Dreadful. It has not been the best… Continue Reading “August dog days”

Harvesting tomatoes in August

Harvesting tomatoes in August. The first slicing tomatoes and plum tomatoes were picked on August 12. That’s almost embarrassing. What can be done to move up the tomato harvest to, maybe, July 12. That would be noteworthy. Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes were first picked… Continue Reading “Harvesting tomatoes in August”

Cracked tomatoes

Cracked tomatoes. Cracked tomatoes are a product of erratic watering, just as are tomato leaf curl and blossom end rot. According to the Tomato Dirt website, cracking occurs when tomato plants get too much water too fast. As the tomato fruits absorb extra water… Continue Reading “Cracked tomatoes”

Blossom end rot on tomatoes

Blossom end rot on tomatoes. Blossom end rot is a problem on several speckled Roman tomato plants, as seen in the photo above, which was taken on August 1. Ugly. According to several online sites, the problem is a lack of calcium, which can… Continue Reading “Blossom end rot on tomatoes”