Bunching onion harvest

Bunching onion harvest.

On July 2, the bunching onions were harvested. As I wrote about in the post Vegetable garden in June, I don’t remember planting these onions. It must have been last fall with the garlic. I don’t remember where I bought the plants from. It must have been from the Maine Potato Lady. In which case, they would be Egyptian walking onions, not bunching onions. Whatever.


Recently, they started to bloom and to develop a hard stalk, like the leeks, so I pulled them all, cleaned them for the most part in the garden, brought them in for a quick final wash, and took the photo above. They obviously aren’t storage onions, so I will put them in the refrigerator and use them quickly.


Last night, I fried some bacon, boiled some turnips from the vegetable garden, sautéd some of the onions in some bacon fat, sprinkled a little flour over the onions and stirred while they cooked a while longer, added some chicken broth and some crumbled bacon. See photo above. It was great with some toasted crusty bread and a green salad from the garden. The basic recipe for the onion and turnip dish is from Marian Morash’s The Victory Garden Cookbook. I added the bacon.

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