Day: July 3, 2015

Bunching onion harvest

Bunching onion harvest. On July 2, the bunching onions were harvested. As I wrote about in the post Vegetable garden in June, I don’t remember planting these onions. It must have been last fall with the garlic. I don’t remember where I bought the… Continue Reading “Bunching onion harvest”

Green pole beans in July

Green pole beans in July. My favorite Fortex green pole beans are living up to their reputation. As I wrote in the post Green pole beans in June, I made a decision to thin the beans to 2 plants per pole. Thank heaven I did.… Continue Reading “Green pole beans in July”

Tomato leaf curl

Tomato leaf curl. A Speckled Roman tomato plant has developed curled leaves, as can be seen in the photo above. According to Ohio State Extension, tomato leaf curl is caused either by herbicide damage or by irregular watering. I’m pretty sure herbicide damage is… Continue Reading “Tomato leaf curl”