Green pole beans in June

Green pole beans in June.

Please see the post Green beans for background and planting information on green pole beans.


Growing Fortex green pole beans is like falling off a log. Easy, in other words. 1 raised bed worth of green pole beans is plenty for eating green beans pretty much every day with some left over for freezing. While raw green beans are not so delicious as, say, sugar snap peas, so there’s not the incentive of snacking while harvesting, green beans are still fun and easy to pick since they grow upward on a bamboo teepee, twine, and the fence. There’s no stopping Fortex bean plants once they get started growing.


Above are photos of Fortex green beans on June 6. I was writing about planting the beans in the post Vegetable garden in June, when I remembered how in previous years I over-planted the beans. They grew up much too thick, were hard to pick for that reason, and suffered from lack of sunlight and air circulation.


So, I went straight out and thinned the beans from 3 per pole to 2 per pole, as seen above. Writing about the gardens focuses my attention on potential problems. This is one of the best things about writing a blog, or just writing, I guess. But the blog is a good way to order my thoughts on gardening. And it’s fun. Also addictive, I think, but a good addiction.

Back to the Fortex green pole beans. Johnny’s Selected Seed catalog describes the Fortex beans in glowing terms. The beans are early and dependable with an extended growing season. The pods grow to over 11″ long. At 7″, the beans are extra slender, like filet beans. Even at 11″, the beans are still tender. They are stringless and delicious at all lengths. The seeds are walnut brown. One fall, I let the beans dry on the vine, shelled them, and used them in a stew. Extraordinary. Of course, that’s a one-time treat. After that, tear down the dried-up vines and put the bamboo teepee away for another year. Then have some frozen beans to celebrate Fortex, a really great variety of green pole beans.


But, back to June. Above and below are photos of the beans on June 13. One week’s growth as compared to the June 6 photos at top of post. Wow. Soon they will be blooming. Can’t wait for a taste of fresh green pole beans.


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