Pear tree

Pear tree (Pearus spp.).


This is not an ornamental pear. It’s the old-fashioned kind that bears fruit. It’s old. As you can see, it’s leaning. One day it will fall over like the old apple tree did. Hopefully, nothing will be under it.

The blossoms in May are lovely. When the petals are drifting to the ground, it seems that we should be having a wedding beneath the pear tree.

The fruit is delicious. Squirrels, blue jays, insects, night critters, Daisy, and I all like the pears. Often they fall to the ground before I get around to picking them. The pears that aren’t eaten by someone or something wind up in the compost pile.


Here is Daisy lounging beneath the pear tree as the petals are falling around her. Not a wedding. Just a dog enjoying the shade of the old pear tree.

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