Planting peppers indoors, continued

Peppers (Capsicum annuum).

As was described in the post Planting pepper seeds indoors, the pepper seeds were planted on April 6.


By April 25, they were up and under the grow light on heat pads, as seen in the photo above. It took a while to get them going. Unfortunately, the Red Knight bell peppers didn’t germinate. Only one Yankee Bell sweet pepper made it up. Both Red Knight and Yankee Bell were leftover seeds. Hmm. That leaves 2 Ace plants (old seed) and 2 Intruder plants (new seed) for sweet peppers, Those 4 plants look healthy, so hope for the best. Also the one Yankee Bell plant, which doesn’t look great.

The hot peppers all germinated. Plus 3 Carmen frying pepper plants.


Above is a photo from May 1 after I thinned the pepper plants, topped the pots with more potting soil, and watered them thoroughly. They are still under the grow light for 14 hours each day, with the heat pad on during the day and off at night.

I’m hoping soon to repot them into larger pots and get rid of the heat pad. Unfortunately, I can’t repot while they are on the heat pad since there is not room enough for the larger pots. Next year, as I discussed in the post Planting tomato seeds indoors, I hope to have a better indoor growing situation. Always something to do better. Lot of things, actually.

I’ve decided against trying to warm the outdoor pepper beds with black plastic mulch. It just seems like too much work with questionable value. Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog says to plant peppers out after frost danger is past and weather is settled. I may not plant the pepper out until the end of the month. Bed covers are an option, of course, just like with tomatoes. I think peppers are more susceptible to the cold than tomatoes.

Really exciting to think about all the pepper possibilities. Hope it’s a good year for peppers.

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