Month: May 2015

Radishes, a comparison

Radishes, a comparison. Two radish varieties, Easter egg and Sora, were planted on April 13 in the raised bed where Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes will be planted toward the end of May. Above is a photo of the little radish plants on April 22.… Continue Reading “Radishes, a comparison”

Pear tree

Pear tree (Pearus spp.). This is not an ornamental pear. It’s the old-fashioned kind that bears fruit. It’s old. As you can see, it’s leaning. One day it will fall over like the old apple tree did. Hopefully, nothing will be under it. The blossoms… Continue Reading “Pear tree”

Weeds of May

Weeds of May. My weeding plan, as I outlined in the posts Weeds and Weeds of April, is to work at eradicating weeds from the gardens based on a weed hierarchy. I give the worst weeds a 10 and the fairly insignificant weeds, so far as… Continue Reading “Weeds of May”

Early spring spinach

Spinach (Spinacia oleracea). The first spinach, Carmel, was planted on April 3 at the front of a raised bed with onion plants at the back. Above is a photo of the little sprouts on April 22. That’s not much growing in almost 3 weeks.… Continue Reading “Early spring spinach”

Planting peppers indoors, continued

Peppers (Capsicum annuum). As was described in the post Planting pepper seeds indoors, the pepper seeds were planted on April 6. By April 25, they were up and under the grow light on heat pads, as seen in the photo above. It took a while… Continue Reading “Planting peppers indoors, continued”

Planting tomato seeds indoors

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum). Tomato seeds were planted indoors on April 17 using the potting soil described in the post Planting pepper seeds indoors. Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog very specifically says to use a soilless mix, not potting soil, to start tomatoes. But I’ve always used… Continue Reading “Planting tomato seeds indoors”