Garlic in April


This post is just to show the growth of garlic in early spring. The photo above is on April 11. Pretty much nothing else showing in the vegetable garden, yet here comes the garlic.


For many years now, I have planted the best 64 garlic bulbs from the previous season. This year, instead of planting all 64 bulbs in one 3′ x 3′ raised bed, I planted 64 bulbs in 3 raised beds, concentrating the plantings along the back of the beds, thinking that I would use the front part of the beds for other vegetables in season. Above is a photo of the garlic plants on April 16. All 64 cloves came up. They always do. It’s always a miracle to me.


Above is a photo from the same perspective on April 22, just to show how quickly the garlic is growing, even in relatively cool weather. Garlic needs moisture at this point. Fortunately, we had 2+ inches of rain this week. I have also watered the garlic almost every day. Moisture is important at this period of time.


Here’s a close-up of garlic plants on April 22. Can’t express well enough how wonderful it is to have one crop that just produces with no problem. Don’t these plants just look healthy.

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