Month: April 2015

Weeds of April

Weeds of April. Although all weeds are with us all the time in some form or other, this post is intended to highlight the weeds most consuming my weeding attention during the spring month of April. I plan to rate the weeds in my… Continue Reading “Weeds of April”

April blooms

April blooms. Here it is the last week of April. What a difference a month makes. As I wrote in the post March changes, I was in despair at the end of March thinking that the freezing temps and snow would never go away. Although… Continue Reading “April blooms”

Chipping sparrow

Chipping sparrow (Spizella passerina). There’s a new bird at the feeders, a chipping sparrow. Birds of New Jersey reports that chipping sparrows are migrating birds, to southern states, Central America, and Mexico.  Some of them spend summers in New Jersey. So, the dark-eyed juncos have… Continue Reading “Chipping sparrow”

Dark-eyed juncos have gone north for the summer

Dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis). Although I wanted to take photos of the dark-eyed juncos each day until the day they were gone, I didn’t. I fear that the birds are being neglected now that I’m so busy with the vegetable garden and weeding. Maybe… Continue Reading “Dark-eyed juncos have gone north for the summer”

Garlic in April

This post is just to show the growth of garlic in early spring. The photo above is on April 11. Pretty much nothing else showing in the vegetable garden, yet here comes the garlic. For many years now, I have planted the best 64… Continue Reading “Garlic in April”


Weeds in the garden. Gardeners and naturalists have fantasies about weedless gardens. Now that’s something to dream about, for sure. How can I accomplish a weedless garden, really. I would like to know. Thoreau fairly idealizes his farmer neighbor Minott. He claims that Minott… Continue Reading “Weeds”

Planting pepper seeds indoors

Peppers (Capsicum annuum). Is there anything more boring than photos of planted seeds. I don’t think so. Photos of nothing. Hot peppers and sweet peppers were planted indoors on April 6. Each variety is allotted 2 little seed pots, except for the Havasu. Winding… Continue Reading “Planting pepper seeds indoors”

Planting leeks

Leeks (Allium porrum). The King Richard leek plants arrived with some onion plants on April 2–still the last week of March, according to the calendar. Approximately 50 plants planted on April 3. Please see the post Planting onions for a blow-by-blow account, including photos, of… Continue Reading “Planting leeks”

Planting onions

Onions (Allium cepa). April 2, still the last week in March according to the calendar, and the onion plants arrived from Johnny’s Selected Seeds, just as promised. Today is also the first day that the temp reached 60° F. and stayed there for several… Continue Reading “Planting onions”